Freelance Frontend Developer

About Us

We’re an Utrecht based startup. We aim to improve solar energy production by smart monitoring. We strongly believe pro-active monitoring and advanced data analysis will play a huge role in our future energy needs.

Sounds great! What does the work look like?

We get challenged by companies we talk to every day. We learn by doing and see new opportunities pop up many times a week. We’re looking for that allround developer who doesn’t have the one-tool solution, but is eager to use (and learn) new techniques to accomplish the desired output.

We are working on multiple interfaces based upon the data we analyze. For instance, we’re running a dashboard for large Solar Installers, a React Native application for customers on premise performance display (narrowcast) and business intelligence dashboards for large field operators.

The expertise we need from you is to keep things structured and make sure we can re-use things. You’re more than happy to work at our office in the city centre of Utrecht, but, depending on the task, you could work from anywhere ;)

You’d be working in a small team of developers who love to learn quickly, and are always looking for better designs and interactions. Do you like to be creative and experimental? Great, let’s work on innovative technical solutions!

Since our structure is not set in stone we’re open to new ideas and insights. We are very eager to try new technologies and to learn something new.

Solliciteer direct

What skills are required?

  • You know how to get the most out of modern frameworks;
  • You see value in eliminating repetitive tasks in frontend development;
  • You want to work with a startup with huge potential in clean-energy;
  • You’re very eager to show off your skills without being kept down by legacy systems;
  • You’re great at onboarding people and convince them of your ideas;
  • You’re creative;
  • You love design and are passionate about UX/UI;
  • You're an ambitious Mario Kart player, or willing to act like one
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